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Ralph Watson - Taner Özdeş Akademi
Ralph Watson is an International Speaker and Peak Performance Coach with an international track record of success. To date, he has worked with organisations and individuals from over 30 countries including the UK, Western and Northern Europe, China, India, Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and the USA.

With a successful business career of over 25 years in a variety of business roles from Field Sales, through Key Account Management to Board level appointment in the IT and Telecoms sectors, Ralph has a wealth of real-world experience and wisdom that he calls upon in his highly solution-focused work with clients.

Building upon that experience, Ralph added his studies in Advanced NLP, Coaching and Personal Development in revolutionising people’s attitudes to business.

Equally at home in the Board Room or the Despatch Department, Ralph has a highly infectious, positive attitude to all areas of business and people at all levels quickly warm to his down to earth attitude, humorous approach and generous style.

As an Inspirational Speaker, Ralph is engaging and charismatic with a friendly and realistic approach, open sense of humour and the ability to "touch" his listeners at a deep level. His cultural sensitivity and respect earn him acceptance and friendship wherever he speaks, whilst his ability to challenge the "norm" at the same time facilitates interesting changes in thinking and attitudes. To date, Ralph has given key-note talks at a number of events, including the Istanbul HR Conference and Turkish Dental Congress as well as regular contributions as Executive Faculty at Henley Business School (UK), Stratford Campus (London) and FE institutions in the UK and Europe.

In the training room Ralph has a natural flair for motivating people to learn. His style is fun, interactive and gently challenging, enabling people to stretch their comfort zone and learn in a safe and supportive environment. His business background and experience enables him to provide real-world examples, case studies and anecdotes that entertain and stimulate. Ralph also regularly leads open personal development programmes and seminars and recently spoke on Creating Success in Times of Challenge to a full auditorium at the American University in Cairo.

Ralph’s achievements to date include:
  • Speaking to 2500 delegates at the Istanbul Dental Congress
  • Addressing the International HR Conference in Istanbul (twice)
  • Delivering a seminar to over 1000 young professionals at the American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Joining the Visiting Faculty at Stratford Campus, London
  • Joining the faculties of Management Centre Turkey and Middle East Management Centre
  • Creating the NLP content for a Psychology degree programme accredited by a UK University
  • Publishing his book, “Countermove – a guide to the art of negotiating”
  • Joining the Executive Faculty at Henley Business School
  • Being appointed as Chair and Master Trainer for ANLP India
  • Being appointed Founding Fellow of the International Federation for Coaching and NLP

Ralph’s corporate experience, coupled with his formal education in Business Administration and ongoing research and experience in the field of human excellence and behaviour give him a tremendous degree of expertise that he uses in his work. His specific areas of excellence include:
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – Ralph is a Master Trainer and business NLP expert
  • Coaching – as a Peak Performance Coach Ralph carries out individual and group coaching assignments as well as training coaches
  • Performance Management – Ralph’s understanding and expertise in this field helps his clients to achieve outstanding results
  • Negotiating – Ralph is an acknowledged expert in communication and influencing and has worked at an international level in both training and consultancy work on some high-ticket and sensitive cases
  • Leadership Development – Ralph’s research into the psychology and dynamics of motivation drives innovative and results-oriented teaching and training in this field
  • Holistic Leadership – His background and expertise in NLP and Coaching enable Ralph to drive Leadership Development at a holistic level rather than just the soft and hard skills areas covered by most

Past clients include:
  • Alstom (UK and China)
  • Beiersdorf (UK and Germany)
  • BT (UK)
  • Cable & Wireless (UK)
  • Click Software (international)
  • DHL (Turkey)
  • Dubai Duty Free (Dubai)
  • Etisalat (Dubai)
  • Life Telecom (Ukraine)
  • Ministry of Water and Electricity (Saudi Arabia)
  • Oman Petrol Refineries (Oman)
  • Pfizer (Turkey)
  • Qatar Telecom (Qatar)
  • Saudi telecom (Saudi Arabia)
  • Schering Plough (Saudi Arabia)
  • Sun Inbev (Russia)
  • Vipnet (Croatia)

This is just a cross-section in order to highlight the truly international and multi-cultural nature of Ralph’s work and his ability to work within widely differing cultures with sensitivity and respect.

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